RiseUp Summit

Middle East’s and Africa’s top entrepreneurship event

Quantum Leap

GrEEK Campus - Downtown, Cairo, Egypt

Welcome to RiseUp 2015

Entrepreneurs and stakeholders, get ready to inspire and get inspired, connect and get connected, know and get known for the third year in a row.

Live the Quantum Leap!
✓ Entrepreneurs from the region
✓ Investors from around the globe
✓ Superstars en route

The Summit is organized by RiseUp LLC, a platform that connects entrepreneurs and innovators with resources.

Our Previous Speakers

Linda Mason

Chairwoman of Bright Horizons

Fady Ghandour

Founder and Vice Chairman, Aramex

Dave McClure

VC &Founding Partner at 500 Startups

Bobby Sager

Chairman of Polaroid


First batch of speakers at this year's summit

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