About RiseUp Summit 2015

Welcome to RiseUp Summit 2015, the Middle East’s and Africa’s top entrepreneurship event in the heart of Cairo, Egypt! Entrepreneurs and stakeholders, get ready to inspire and get inspired, connect and get connected, know and get known for the third year in a row.

What is RiseUp Summit?

RiseUp Summit is the region’s top annual event for connecting entrepreneurs to local and international investors, media, support organizations, knowledge, customers, mentors, and partners. A 2-day event packed with workshops, inspirational stories, highly relevant panel discussions, interviews, pitch events, and a Trade Fair for entrepreneurs to show their products and services to potential customers.

The Summit is organized by RiseUp LLC, a platform that connects entrepreneurs and innovators with resources.

Who should attend?

Anyone with an interest in startups and entrepreneurship – and new trends.

RiseUp Summit is the place to be for anyone getting ready for the future – discover new trends, meet the business leaders of tomorrow, fund and get funded, and take in that boost of positive, productive energy that roams the venue. In short: Live the Quantum Leap!

It does not matter at which startup stage you are, how much you are ready to invest, or how indulged you are in the local and global entrepreneurship ecosystem – what matters is that you come to #RiseUp15 ready and prepared to build new connections and get to know potential partners, investors, customers – and most importantly – entrepreneurs!

Where? Downtown Cairo’s GrEEK Campus.

The GrEEK Campus in Downtown Cairo is where most activities connected to #RiseUp15 will take place.