The Summit

We are individuals and organizations who address the need to create a viable, vibrant ecosystem to support entrepreneurs. We are the sum that is bigger than the parts. We are entrepreneurs. We are investors. We are mentors. We are speakers. We are professionals. We are volunteers, and we are a community, united in a single, shared purpose.

Why Rise Up Summit?

  • To showcase the vitality and opportunity in Egypt’s entrepreneurs.
  • Entrepreneurs are changing Egypt for the better.
  • The next education or health innovation will come from entrepreneurs
  • The next 100,000 jobs will be created by startups.
  • This event is organized by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs.
  • Even though there is a vibrant ecosystem, there has never been a single event that brings all key players of Egypt’s ecosystem under one roof.

Various verticals

Keynote Speeches

Featuring four of the world’s most distinguished names in the startup scene.

Panel Discussions by MIT Enterprise Forum

There are many challenges that face entrepreneurs and organizations working with entrepreneurship in Egypt. Each discussion is moderated by an individual with relevant experience, hosting a panel of diverse experts that are able to answer audience challenges. The duration of each panel is between 30 and 45 minutes.

Endeavor’s eNSPIRE Talks

The eNSPIRE® series aimed at igniting inspiration and motivation through revealing successful entrepreneurial endeavors. Endeavor’s entrepreneurs and mentors took the stage to talk about the challenges they faced and how they were able to make it to high-impact entrepreneurs.

Trade Fair by Injaz Egypt

In collaboration with Rise Up Egypt, Injaz is providing 70 – 80 booths for already established start-ups to showcase their products and services. The booths occupy the center of the campus, and are located next to the main media platform. Visitors include investors, ministers, entrepreneurs, mentors and media. Additionally, there will be 6 – 8 food and beverages outlet – all home-grown and straight-up entrepreneurial.

Flat6Labs’ Founders Matchmaking

A networking model resembling “speed-dating” to match startups searching for cofounders with other cofounders in search of a new job through 15 minute face-to-face conversations. Flat6Labs will also host a Networking Booth which will provide entrepreneurs / techies / developers / tinkerers the opportunity to network one-on-one with top business executives in a private booth.

Pitch ‘N Ride

This unique event puts an entrepreneur in the backseat of a cab with an investor. The identity of the investor is unknown to the entrepreneur up until getting into the car. The pitching time is equivalent to one drive around Tahrir Square. Investors range from angels to VCs.


Workshops aim at preparing the startups for what awaits them in the real world, giving advice on certain case-studies and educating them about practices in different sectors.

Roundtables – Policy Spotlight

Roundtables will come up with recommendations for policy-shaping in various sectors and touching upon a number of issues. Participants will be entrepreneurs, governmental representatives, experts etc.


Debates will be held about trends in several fields, aiming at discussing issues affecting each sector, and coming up with conclusions on matters at hand.

Fireside Chats

A number of fireside chats will be held, making experts of different fields go head-to-head and giving insights on how they made it in the business world.

Investor Lounge by Startup MENA

Produced by Startup MENA, “Investor Lounge” is a 1- day pitching event that aims to promote Egypt’s startups. They will get the opportunity to pitch live on stage in front of a panel of experienced investors, including 10 of the biggest VCs from Europe.

Coworking “Know-How” Camp

The summit will be accompanied by a CoWorking “Know How” Camp, where founders of coworking spaces from all over the world can exchange experiences and help each other out. The will start “camping” one week before Rise Up Summit, only to conclude their experience at the event.