RiseUp has grown over the years from a grass-root movement to a global momentum. The purpose behind RiseUp has remained the same: to connect startups to the most relevant resources worldwide.
We act as the glue that fuses ecosystems together to help them realize their ultimate potential. By connecting stakeholders to local & global networks, and fusing diverse talents & resources, ecosystems are enabled to accelerate, innovate, and grow.
Our mission is accomplished through our  four products: Summit, Connect, Explore, and Meetup.

What we do

The summit is our three-day, one-stop-shop, entrepreneurship marathon!

Three years ago, when the seeds of the #RiseUpSummit movement were sown we never imagined that in such a short time, our movement would Quantum Leap from an exciting local event into a global phenomenon. In 2015, we promised that the world would be coming to Downtown Cairo, and thanks to an incredible level of commitment from our tireless team and phenomenal partners, we delivered. Thought leaders, media mavens, tech-legends and power player investors gather to share their experience, support and invest in the Middle East & Africa’s flourishing entrepreneurial ecosystem.

From workshops, inspiring talks, and panel discussions to startup stations, pitch competitions, and networking platforms with industry experts. Whoever you are, you’ll find a place for you.

RiseUp Connect is a digital space that connects you to any resource you need anytime, anywhere!

Connect is a community based platform that will provide startups with 6 much needed resources: funding, talent, exposure, knowledge, toolbox and marketplace

People travel all the time for learning, exposure, and experience, so why don’t startups?

We’ve designed a very special program where selected startups from the region (currently the Middle East & Africa) go on trips to global ecosystems centered around events, conferences, and summits taking place there.

Through Explore, startups go on a curated experience where they have the opportunity to get exposure to new markets, connect with global industry leaders, network with investors, and most importantly gain know-how that will help them better achieve their goals.

How stronger can ecosystems get if they were given more opportunities to network, connect, and share resources? We thought, A LOT, and designed #RISEUPMEETUPS to do just that.

Our MeetUps are all-year-round gatherings in different cities between ecosystems’ stakeholders to discuss new, trending, and relevant topics.

Meet the Team

Abdelhameed Sharara
Abdelhameed ShararaCEO and Cofounder
Con O'Donnell
Con O'Donnell Chief Commercial Officer and Co-founder
Ayman Makkawy
Ayman MakkawyChief Financial Officer
Alhassan Ahmed
Alhassan AhmedOperations Coordinator
Salma El Lakany
Salma El LakanyChief Experience Officer
Batoul Al Mehdar
Batoul Al MehdarPartnerships Manager
Dalia Kamar
Dalia KamarMarketing Manager
Farah Baki
Farah BakiRiseUp Explore Manager
Farah Badrawy
Farah BadrawyBusiness Administrator
Sameh Ibrahim
Sameh IbrahimPurchasing manager
Safaa Hamed
Safaa HamedDesign Consultant
Saif Edeen El Bendari
Saif Edeen El BendariStartup Relations Manager
Hana Zaghloul
Hana ZaghloulSpeaker Relations Manager
Hedayat Reda
Hedayat RedaHead of Content
Nermeen Farahat
Nermeen FarahatResearch and Data Analyst
Omar El Ghandour
Omar El GhandourVolunteer Coordinator
Rana El Gohary
Rana El GoharyGraphic and Visual Designer
Sami Awa
Sami AwaSponsors Relations Manager
Samuel Abdel Malak
Samuel Abdel Malak RiseUp Connect
Sherine Maher
Sherine MaherCreative Director
Youssef El Shafie
Youssef El ShafieFinance Intern
Mahmoud Alheeny
Mahmoud AlheenyOperations intern
Mohamed Hany
Mohamed HanyFront End Developer
Ahmed Tohamy
Ahmed TohamyCTO

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