Aya Tarek

Painter, Street Artist and Illustrator

Aya Tarek (born 1989) is a painter, street artist and illustrator. Her work explores the different interchanges within modes of urban communication and the dynamic of a public space. Using a vibrant, comic derived aesthetic, and often working through site specific murals, she aims to trigger a humorous sense of controversy, investigating different ideas pertaining the different public contexts. Tarek has participated in various exhibitions and events including World Premiere Of A New Mural By Aya Tarek, USF Contemporary Art Museum/Florida, USA (2015). Urban Art Biennale, Weltkulturerbe Völklinger Hütte/Voelklinger, Germany (2015), Djerbahood, Itinerrance Gallery (2014), Vagabonds Congress, Theatre RMPH (2014), CityLeaks, Cologne (2013), White Wall, Beirut Art Centre (2012), Arabic Graffiti & Egyptian Street Art in Frankfurt, Streets of Frankfurt (2012), Ankh Project, ITP Berlin (2011), Graffiti: Style/ History/ Experience, Goethe Institute (2011), Bytes and Pieces, Sharjah Art Foundation (2011), Shopping Malls, Alexandria contemporary art forum (2010), PICK 4, Townhouse Gallery (2009). She was also a recipient of a number of residencies including Dakakin, Alriwaq Contemporary Art Space, Bahrain and Artist in Resident Show, Arnaldo Pomodoro Foundation, Italy. She lives and works in Cairo.

My Sessions

The Socioeconomics of Graffiti


Preceding the period of the Street Art (1998-2008) movement, comes the intermural Artist; a capable creative entrepreneur with an expert understanding of both the theories and practices of Contemporary Art and the theories and practices of Street and Graffiti Art. Aya Tarek who will be creating Graffiti Art during the summit will be giving an insightful […]

Creative Economy