Daniel Hires

Project Manager at SwitchMed

Daniel looks after ‘The Switchers’, a community of inspiring green entrepreneurs in the Mediterranean region, and is developing innovative offerings to complement the ecosystem support to later-stage entrepreneurs. You can discover the stories of these pioneers driving sustainable change for the future at www.theswitchers.eu.

The Switchers is an initiative of the SwitchMed program, which supports and connects stakeholders to scale-up social and eco innovations in the Mediterranean. Daniel is a marketing and innovation expert working at the intersection of sustainability, startups, and social entrepreneurship. He is passionate about building communities that empower people to take collaborative action on their ideas for a better world.

My Sessions

Key Resources to Kickoff and Grow Your Cleantech Business


If you’re looking to start or grow your cleantech business and want to know more about who offers what, when and where, join this panel to learn about the different entrepreneurship support mechanisms that exist in Egypt (and MEA as a whole) and on how you can tap into them!