Omar Hassan

Founder at Inevert.com

Omar is the founder of Inevert.com a global platform helping big brands and startups to Innovate Together creating an access point and marketplace for both sides.
A successful, dynamic, and internationally experienced Senior Executive, with over 15 years’ experience in both public and private sectors. Proven track record of driving business performance, profitability and managing complex contracts and sales processes. Personally resilient and resourceful, with a calm and consultative approach, able to demonstrate a variety of B2B and B2G large sales wins, up to £20m.
A specialist in Economic development and entrepreneurship, Omar is a successful entrepreneur, with two previous UK startups. While in business he’s at home in London, supporting cluster development, foreign direct investment, product development and market entry for startups & SME.
Omar’s experience working within the public services sector as development and foreign direct investment Manager for the Mayor of London’s promotional office London & Partners has provided him with a sound knowledge of international business & government practices.

My Sessions

A Corporate Engagement


In this 3-Fireside Chat, we will hear from experts in corporate-startup engagement, some of the ways to overcome barriers to collaboration. Some questions we will finally get answers to: How do you spark corporates’ appetites to collaborate with startups and commercially incorporate them into their value chains? What are the benefits that each party brings […]

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