Sahar El Arishy

Founder and Chief Brand Storyteller at 18.213

My entrepreneurial experience blended with the exposure of living in 3 different continents, has shown that companies that are remembered are those that function with a clear purpose and are committed to making a difference in people’s lives .I design experiential branding strategies and Pop-Up launch events for brands that have purpose and intention. Ideas that change the way we work, learn, communicate and connect. I love ideas that matter. I keep exploring till I find an entrepreneur that has a big dream. I listen. And listen some more. Then the magic begins. I discover that special ingredient that makes an idea stand out. And then I create a performance where you get to experience not only the story but the person behind it. 18.213 inspires entrepreneurs to tell their story differently. I do it boldly. With loads of passion. And its real

My Sessions

Brand Storytelling


Every great brand has a story to tell that gives it purpose. This workshop will inspire entrepreneurs how to tell their story differently. You will learn how to connect your customers with a compelling narrative that will evoke an emotion. How you make a person feel about your idea is how you will be remembered.

Entrepreneurship Know-How